A little bit about me;

I have been blessed to have learned so much in my young life and I have had a crazy obsession with self mastery ever since the age of 23.

At the age of 19, the ending of my teenage years and probably the ending year of my maturity as well, I went through the darkest period of my life. I was directionless, had no purpose and had lost all motivation.

After 5 gloomy years of living this way, working jobs that gave me no fulfillment, with thousands of pounds worth of debt, I decided I was going to change all that. I knew I was here for another purpose.

Things have changed a lot for me since then and I am blessed to be living the life I am now. I have come up with the most beneficial life lessons that are to be kept with me forever.

My goal here is to serve others and to help them to see their true potential.

So now that you know more about me, I will share with you all my knowledge and resources to help you on your journey! Do me a favor and enlighten me with your comments, suggestions and feedback!