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I believe that for almost every answer to ‘whats wrong with you?’ is simple – “cultivate gratitude”.

And it’s true. Gratitude can help us see all of our problems in a completely different light. It can help us to focus on finding solutions rather than dwelling on the problems. We can stay positive and happy, even in difficult situations. It helps us to work even harder in life so we never ever take anything for granted. 

Gratitude is the only mindset that lies at the heart of patience, happiness and hard work!


There is so much importance behind Gratitude and why we should implement it in our lives, whether we are religious, spiritual or not. It simply means taking the time to think about all the positive things in your life rather than dwelling on the negative.
Gratitude is often forgotten about or overlooked for increasing happiness but it is an incredibly powerful tool in determining how satisfied we are with our lives.

Gratitude, love, hope and happiness

So why should we be grateful? There are countless reasons as to why but here is a list of 10 of them;

  1. Gratitude increases self esteem
  2. Makes us less self-centered
  3. It makes us more generous
  4. Develops our personality
  5. Strengthens our positive emotions
  6. Reduces materialism
  7. Increases our energy levels
  8. It makes us more likable
  9. Makes us happier
  10. And it makes us live longer!

As stated above, these are just a few of the benefits of gratitude but the most important thing to remember is that, cultivating gratitude is a skill and it needs to be practiced daily for it to become a part of our personality!

Gratitude is not for ANYONE ELSE – its for our own souls – for our own good. Sure, if someone does a good deed for you and you’re thankful to them, it may feel good. They will think of you a decent human being but that’s not all it means. Your doing it for a higher purpose. It can seriously transform your life! This is because being grateful is an active process…


When you constantly think about the problems in your life, think about how it makes you feel? It’s a horrible feeling and it’s extremely damaging to us. Why would we constantly think about the problems when we know that there is no end to it. When you’re grateful even when things are not going right, it gives you hope! and that’s the reward for being grateful.
When you constantly focus on how LESS you have of something, such as food, money, knowledge, relationships etc… or when you’re always thinking about how many things are going wrong in your life, how many problems you have…. you are carrying a scarcity mindset.
With this mindset, people tend to look past all of the things that they do have! This mindset is toxic and it is never ending.

You get the job and then you start focusing on how single you are.

You buy the house and then start worrying about having no children.

You have children but then you start focusing on the house you don’t have

Because this is how majority of us think. We are always searching for more. However, with this mindset you will always feel that there is something and that is appreciation for what we already have.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!

And finally a fun activity for you!

Think about 3 things in your life that you can be grateful for right now. It can be absolutely anything!

Think of at least one person you genuinely appreciate in your life. This could be a family member, friend or a teacher! Think about what makes you happy about them 🙂

Think of the last time you ate a beautiful meal or visited a place you would love to go back to. What was so wonderful about the place?

And now think of one material thing you are grateful and why? It could even be that you’re grateful for your laptop or computer!

If you can remind yourself to do this daily, not only will it benefit you massively and the outlook you will have on life, it will also encourage those around you to do the same and I think that’s the most rewarding part of the whole process.

Be grateful for what you have, you will always always receive more!

What can you be grateful for right now?


What are your thoughts?!

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