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In this guide, I will take you through all the steps you need to overcome your fears and become limitless! Once I learnt how to overcome my fears/phobias, I realized this was the only thing that was holding me back from endless opportunities!

Fear comes in numerous forms and it’s crucial to comprehend what it is. Living in constant fear crushes self-reliance, enthusiasm, and initiative. It promotes procrastination, and leads to weak character.

However, always remember that a lack of courage is nothing more than a state of mind. It can be mastered.

Exposing your fears

We all have fears. Even those that seem to be really confident might have fears that they’re failing to manage. At times, these fears lead to aggressive behaviors and other times they lead to timidity, lack of poise and confidence.

A lot of people have fears from childhood or adult life that they don’t directly remember but, this has a massive affect on how they lead their lives. A few people have fears that they’re clearly aware of but don’t know how to deal with them. Fear has its space in your life but uncontrolled fear can lead to a life of sorrow, unfulfilled goals and desires.

Think of when you were younger and you were terrified of the monster lurking at the foot of your bed? How did you control that fear? In all probability someone turned on the lights and remarked that your monster was nothing more than a coat a chair. Once the lights came on, you no longer dreaded the monster. The same thing applies to defeating our fear in adulthood. If we view our fear in the light of day, we discover that what we’re afraid of isn’t so scary after all.

Write down your fears. Start with your aim in life on the top of the sheet and then let your ideas flow underneath. Don’t stop till you’ve found each and every one.

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Take action!

Inner suffering and constant fear won’t go away on their own. Naturally, a lot of people use this as an excuse to remain in a rut but the best way to defeat fear is to simply do the thing you are afraid of! There is no other way.

The main technique that helped me was taking massive action. Using the above step, figure out (write down) what action you would need to take to achieve a particular thing. For example:

If you were to be at least 5% more productive today, you would need to….

You can even use this on a daily basis to begin exercising again, stop procrastinating, better relationships and of course to deal with fear.

Think about your excuse, fear, or failing. What would you require? What would the next half of your statement be? After that, make out the statement each morning when you wake up.

The action you have to take might change daily, however regardless of what you do, your life will continue going in the right direction. The wisdom in this is obvious – attempting to change overnight is literally impossible.

Use affirmations

Something that helped me massively was this affirmation: “there’s no fearfulness, there’s just God” – but you have to be a believer to use this strategy. If not in “God”, in Divine Order and Wisdom.
It’s truly potent as it puts you in touch with that greater order and wisdom that molds the universe, in which there’s no fearfulness.

It feels truly soothing and helps you feel peaceful, steady and grounded inside. I use favorable affirmations on a day-to-day basis (I can overcome my fears and become limitless). When a person understands what fearfulness really is they can overcome it easily.

You have the unlimited power of your brain to adjust anything negative and do anything you want in life. Fearfulness only exists if you allow it.

Affirmations are like affirmative prayers. Except that you’re not addressing them to the universe, but simply reciting favorable statements with the aim to shift your focus from fear to love, peace, joy or any other desired feeling.

Change Your Beliefs – Change Your Life

Be Patient

For affirmations to be truly effective, they have to repeated frequently throughout the day.

Writing your own affirmations is easier than you might think. Simply consider the feeling you want the affirmation to activate inside you and word the statement so that it’s in present tense.
For example, if you feel anxious about an approaching meeting, you could develop an affirmation that states: “I feel relaxed, confident and centered”. Say this affirmation over and over till you truly do begin to feel relaxed, confident and centered.

While doing this at first, I felt a lot of resistance and kept going back to the reasons why I was scared. You’ll engage in a tug of war with your subconscious where you tell yourself how relaxed and confident you feel but your subconscious mind doesn’t agree.
If this happens, you’ll be able to feel it because the affirmation will feel like a lie every time you recite it.

So instead of saying ‘I feel relaxed, confident and centered’ I changed it to ‘I choose to feel relaxed, confident and centered’. You’re not denying your feelings this way and you’re simply choosing to feel otherwise.

If you find that you are still struggling, try stating what you WANT, rather than caring about what you don‘t want.
For example, “I want to go into that meeting feeling quite self confident, quite centered etc and I wish to leave the meeting feeling like I made a positive impression.”

While saying these words, try to tune into the feelings of what you are saying. Imagine feeling proud of yourself and recognizing that the meeting went well. This process will have a favorable effect on your mind. You’ll have strengthened your vision of the outcome you want, rather than continuing to perpetuate the fearfulness.

Self Hypnosis and Reprogramming

Self-hypnosis is an extremely suggestible state where the individual sends suggestions to himself.

Our brain is a really powerful instrument and hypnosis may effectively help you rewire your past views. Since hypnosis is a non-invasive strategy of treatment, it’s safe and gentle enough for anyone to use. The process will allow you to get to the core issue that’s causing fearfulness and phobia to demonstrate in your life.

You can either use self hypnosis to treat your fearfulness or you can go to a professional hypnotherapist. If you choose to do it alone, it might be helpful to use a recorded hypnosis session to direct you through the process. You can make this recording yourself or you might want to buy a session on a CD or an MP3 format.

The procedure of hypnosis is easy. You or your hypnotherapist will relax your brain by a series of breaths.

Once you’re in this state, you can start to dig into your brain for the central cause of your fearfulness or phobia. Hypnosis lets you access the subconscious part of your brain which acts as a storage of your previous experiences.

Here you’ll be able to find what is causing your fearfulness, and replace those feelings of nervousness with confident and empowering statements.
For instance; instead of using “I’m no longer afraid of meeting people” you would use “I’m confident and unafraid if I meet new people.”

However, I want to point out that this doesn’t work for everyone and an alternative would be to simply rewrite what you desire. Choose your affirmations as stated above and focus on taking small steps in order to achieve what you want.

Wrapping up

Our fears impact us physically, mentally and emotionally. They compound our negative thinking and mess with our normal perception of things. Fear makes us limit our prospects and avoid taking excessive risks or face ramifications.

While our fears are meant to be part of our survival instinct, they become a problem when they start to interfere with our normal functioning.

You ARE able to overcome your fears and become limitless nonetheless!

I want to let you know that it is 100% possible to overcome your fears and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. It wasn’t ever possible in my mind, that I could overcome any of the irrational fears I had but I can proudly say I am living a completely different life now.

I hope the steps in this post help you!


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