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How to overcome the fear

Far too many of us don’t know what true happiness feels like or haven’t felt it in a long time. We are too scared to be happy because we fear what could go wrong. A lot of us are more comfortable feeling stressed, being depressed and angry through no fault of our own. It’s because, that is all we know and are used to.

We are so used to dealing with negative emotions and energy, that as much as we say we want to get away from it, we’re stuck.

At least this is what it felt like for me. However, things have changed a lot for me and I want to let you know that there is a way out of feeling like this. No one deserves to feel too scared to be happy.

There are a few things you can do but it requires a lot of inner work! Below are some tips to get you started;


To accept a situation means to fully embrace and acknowledge what is currently happening. You have to become aware. If you aren’t aware of something or are unwilling to see something as it is then you are in denial. It’s only when you fully and truly accept your situation, can you then write a new story for yourself. This is often one of the most difficult parts. It requires us to become present to what is actually happening and this can trigger feelings of denial. But always remember that there is no shortcut way in dealing with our emotions. You have to work through it.

Compassion towards yourself

Practising compassion towards yourself is so important during this process. A lot of us are carrying around negative feelings from the past but, practising compassion while experiencing these feelings will allow you to accept the present.  
Sometimes our inner critic is reluctant to allow us to forgive ourselves or others for the past. Once you realise though, that you are only sabotaging your own happiness by not forgiving, it becomes so much easier to just let things go. Nothing is worth more than your happiness. Absolutely nothing.
When you have enough happiness, you can then start showering that happiness on others.


Your emotions connect you to your soul. Let yourself express any repressed feelings you have buried deep inside you. As uncomfortable as it may be, compassion can help to reduce the uncomfortable feelings. Cry if you need to. Scream at the top of your voice if you have to. Everyone has their own way in dealing with things. There is nothing more important than healing yourself. If it hurts, then let it hurt. Just know that it won’t hurt forever.

Whether you are religious or spiritual or neither, I believe that every human has a special relationship with their mind. We are all spiritual in some way or another. Deepen your connection to the Divine so you can heal.   

Just remember that, whatever is learnt can be changed and I believe that spreading joy is justification enough to free us from anxiety or guilt!


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